Dimensions of experience

The new audiobook by Yoginâm

Narration and music by Alexander van Breemen

In Siweb the basic assumption is that we create the world that we experience. 
The way traumas are embedded in our lives; the way our opinions and beliefs are formed; they all follow a very basic pattern. 

We are predictable. Understanding Siweb clarifies how we create the world the way we do it. With this knowledge we acquire tools to change our lives beneficially. 

Siweb is rooted in a holistic approach, reflecting the essence of all religions: an orientation in life that has disappeared from the Western way of looking at ourselves and the world.

Siweb is not a model; it is a way of thinking that cuts through the lurking bias of our orientation and helps us in the management of ordinary life.



Yoginâm (Drs. Frédéric Antonious)

Yoginâm, graduated from Leiden University in non-Western sociology, lived and worked for more than a decade in the Middle East and North Africa. It was his vocation to withdraw from ordinary life, some 35 years ago. At present he lives a secluded life in Southern Spain, Andalucia. He communicates mostly in sound through a harp, and he has written a large number of books that make the spiritual in man tangible in a very direct and modern language. In his work he presents a meaningful synthesis of the background of various cultures in East and West.

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Narration and Music by Alexander van Breemen

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