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A place for us for Attunement, Remembering, and Sharing together
We’re pleased to offer you a very special opportunity to explore NâmTV for free for 7 days. In order to help us learn how to bring Awareness into our work, relationships and daily life, Nâm Foundation created NâmTV.
NâmTV Includes:

What You'll Learn

Discover Meaning

Meaning is what every Human Being is looking for, even if unconsciously.

Renewing Your Mind

Opening to HarpMood will lighten your Mind and improve Concentration.

Overcome Like and Dislikes

Attune yourself to a level beyond the whims of your ego.

Harmonize Emotions

Restore the natural flow of emotions and feelings.

Conscious Creator

Remember the indirect tools that makes you the creator of your Life.

Beyond I

Awareness is beyond Experience and whatever I do.

Choose Your Favorite Plan

You will be charged for the plan only after the free seven day trial

Monthly Plan

50 Per Month
  • Weekly HarpMood
  • HarpMood Archive
  • Monthly Talks
  • Talks Archive
  • Nâm Glossary

Yearly Plan

Per Year
  • Weekly HarpMood
  • HarpMood Archive
  • Monthly Talks
  • Talk Archive
  • Nâm Glossary