In LivingNâm are used words that have a different sense than the common one.
Use this Glossary to grasp the Meaning that is beyond the words.
Don’t forget, words are only indications and never truths.


Abbah is not a God neither a thing or a no-thing.
Abbah is not a name of a something, it’s Unknowable.
Abbah is a sound and indicates an All-Embracing Totality.

In LivingNâm Abbah is a clever instrument that everyone can use in order to relate to What Is here and beyond.

Relating to Abbah generates an attitude of Awe and Wonder that is not ego-centred but open to the unlimited sharing in Awareness.

Abbahjì is the most intimate name used by the Aspirant Carriers who have embarked on the
Journey of the Return The Journey of the Return is the Way back to the source. Click for more
under his Guidance. Abbahjì often refers to the image of a frame in the sky. He is the frame who Guide the seeker’s sight in the vastity of the sky – Totality. He is always available for serious seekers, regardless of their inclination, spiritual, atheistic and worldly.

The Peaceful Acknowledgement is an attitude generated by living in Attunement.

In the state of Peaceful Acknowledgement, all endeavours are successful, projects succeed, stress and anxiety vanish because there is no need for an illusory I-unit to defend itself with its self-importance.

This is the state of a Life lived in Abbah, that is the reality of both infinite and intimate sharing in the All-Embracing ‘What Is’.



In Yoginâm’s books and texts, the word Consciousness indicates the personal Mind aspect of being conscious of a very small part of a bigger totality. 


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Yoginâm is the Guardian of Nâm.

This is not his choice, but a task assigned to him by his Master. Yoginâm is the continuer of a long chain of Masters that is dated thousands of years, up to Zoroastrian times and before the religions known today.

The Nâm Foundation dedicated a website to him, you can visit it here: www.yoginam.org

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