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Dimensions of Experience

The new book by Yoginâm



The book Siweb (Soul-I-Web), Dimensions of Experience, provides all ingredients to steer one’s life towards more harmony. Siweb demonstrates that there is no distinction between ordinary daily life and spiritual life. Since human experience is always a direct reflection of a non-rationalizable totality, one inherently experiences a direct consequence of one’s thoughts, moods, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. 

In Siweb, Yoginâm describes human experience in the dimensions Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. A spiritual endeavour is managing these dimensions in such a way that reflection from an ‘I-centred’ experience shifts to a reflection that expresses an all- embracingness in experience. In this shift, one’s identification moves from ‘Soul’, in which all memory is rooted, to ‘Heart’ which carries the silent essence in every experience.

This shift from ‘Soul identification’ to ‘Heart identification’ is the natural course of every human being, for each in his or her own unique way. When we deal with this natural course in the most optimal way, we nourish a harmonious transformation. For those who long to fulfil their spiritual quest, Siweb will be a timeless book. Answers to such a quest are the same today, 5000 years ago, and 5000 years from now. Only its expression differs due to human evolution.

‘’When you throw a stone in a tranquil lake, the rings of water will extend until they vanish. When there is an obstacle in the lake, a rock for instance, the circles that hit the rock will reflect back to the point of origin. It is the same with the dimensions of experience. When you have created obstructions by attitudes and behaviour that are detrimental to your optimal living, like with the water, it will reflect back on you. This is the reason why hate generates hate, envy generates envy, and love generates love. When you do not want resonance to reflect back on you, you have to avoid creating obstacles. A lake without rocks is the state of Heart Identification. In Heart Identification, the resonance that you are, will spread out infinitely. Only by becoming somebody else today, you will be somebody else tomorrow.’’

Discover through the Dimensions of Experience the answers to your own life’s questions


Yoginâm (Drs. Frédéric Antonious)

Yoginâm (75), graduated from Leiden University in non-Western sociology, lived and worked for more than a decade in the Middle East and North Africa. It was his vocation to withdraw from ordinary life, some 35 years ago. At present he lives a secluded life in Southern Spain, Andalucia. He communicates mostly in sound through a harp, and he has written a large number of books that make the spiritual in man tangible in a very direct and modern language. In his work he presents a meaningful synthesis of the background of various cultures in East and West.



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