Living in Attunement

It is possible to live life without belief
It is possible to realize a Certainty beyond certainty and doubt
This Certainty is Nâm


Every human being seeks well-being and happiness,
but how do you realise this?

Welcome to the world of LivingNâm.
The world currently battles a number of different kinds of crises, and they will have a huge influence on the life of future generations. It is fundamental for something to change, otherwise things will become increasingly problematic. We are able to change from the inside what we are as human beings, in order to return to the notion of why we are alive. This change causes harmony in yourself, as well as in the world.

With LivingNâm you take back responsibility for your life, which is transcendental by nature. For an optimal attunement, it is useful to apply ‘indirect instruments’. These instruments date back thousands of years, and within LivingNâm there are several ways to discover the applicability of these instruments.

Are you looking for stable happiness and well-being, and are you prepared to give it your all? Or are you looking for more meaning, and you’d like to have a kind of compass for your journey?
Discover LivingNâm and a world will open.

The Sage Yoginâm – a mystic – offers LivingNâm as an answer to our modern times.

Nâm Vision

Nâm is a powerful way to be in contact with the essence of our being. This essence is the source of well-being and finding meaning. If there is no contact with this source, the search for happiness becomes a surrogate-satisfaction, and causes endless searching. Every human being shares in the same way in the essence of being. There are many ways to discover this, and LivingNâm is an extremely effective and simple way, because this way of living naturally attunes to the essence, without distraction.

Orienting the self in Nâm has a liberating effect on the programmes that you move through the world with. These programmes are created automatically by way of living and the experiences we have. Nâm is a way both of liberation and of wisdom.

In Nâm, the search for certainty can be answered with an attitude of affirmation and acceptance. Nâm enables you to discover that there is a one-on-one relationship between you and the world. The thinking and feeling that belong to our consciousness is only a small part of that relationship. By way of Nâm you find that wider relationship. LivingNâm knows no rules, creed or belief. It’s a journey of discovery.

Stay Attuned and Remember

LivingNâm is about Life and not about boring rituals and fancy concepts.

In our Blog page, we punctually write articles and publish contents that are aimed at helping the reader to get closer his or her essence, remembering during the day the most important thing in life, or what is often called “the Red Ribbon“.

Enjoy the Blog!

The Instruments

Practical tools that constitute the LivingNâm framework

Asha Meditation

An ancient form of primordial concentration, from which arose all the forms of mindfulness known today. It is based on the repetition of a rhythmic sound, which has a harmonizing effect on brain waves and on the perception of space and time of the human being.

The Breath

The main instrument of LivingNâm. The Breath is an anchor in the constant remembrance of what is important and essential for every human being. It is valuable and direct because requires no preparation, and can be cultivated during any occasion and life experience.

The Sage

Yoginâm communicates by sound with HarpMood and through his own written books and poetry. Yoginâm’s communication is universal and open for everyone to experience.

 While being in the presence of Yoginâm, you open up for a completely new way of orientation, which brings you closer to this ultimate human state.

who we are

The Nâm Foundation

Nâm Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit organisation, committed to sharing the pure and open message of LivingNâm.

The team organises and facilitates supporting activities such as Nâm Retreats and the Pure Nâm Experience. In addition, the Foundation facilitates visits to The Sage Yoginâm.

Nâm Foundation is the organisational body involved in communication around, and making available of, Yoginâm and LivingNâm. This includes
HarpMood, books and poetry by The Sage Yoginâm.

For any questions, please contact us at any time.

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