A beautiful Way of Living, rooted in the Essence of being human
Every human being shares in the same way in the essence of being and there are many ways to discover this. LivingNâm is an extremely effective and simple way, because this way of living naturally attunes to the essence without distraction.

The Ethics of Resonance and the Instruments of Nâm support a living in correspondence with our true nature, that lies beyond our physical life.

Ethics of Resonance

In the past people where guided by an ethics that was rooted in religious or secular ideals. All these reasons for ethical living have fallen away, whereby the humaneness of humanity is gradually being eroded. The ideals of the past however were mostly expressions of a much deeper perennial wisdom about what it means to be human.

Nâm Thinking realises that there is a deeper and collective meaning underlying the ideals of the past, namely that as an organism in an organism life consists in resonance. It consists in a resonance in which we are all sharing. The importance of ethical attitudes and behaviour lies in the fact that with acts, thoughts, emotions, opinions and beliefs, we shape through their resonance not only the world, as we witness it, but also ourselves: as the resonance reflects back on its creator. In this way hate creates more hate and love creates more love. This natural regularity is what in Nâm Thinking is called the Ethics of Resonance.

Nâm Instruments

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With Nâm you go back to what embraces everything: the source of every matter, thought, feeling or desire