Nâm instruments

Unique encounter with yourself

The key that opens you

Reach quickly deeper states


A HarpMood is a unique encounter with Yoginâm. 

In this encounter Yoginâm does not speak or teach with words, since Yoginâm communicates on a different level with the sound of the Harp. In an attitude of openness one can discover its value. HarpMood magnifies and transforms your detrimental programmes of perception and opens you gradually to the state of being where all descriptions of experiences fail.

Asha Meditation

Asha Meditation is specifically useful to calm down our mind that has to process many daily impulses. It is a simple and very effective technique to prepare the mind for meditation.
Asha meditation makes use of a specific rhythm and voice sound that influence the mind resonance, bringing it into deeper states.

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The Healing Breath

The Breath is the most precious instrument that facilitates remembering. The Breath replaces the sometimes obsessive inner dialogue and replaces it with a one-pointed attention which is not directed at a concept or an object, but at one’s unknowable essence.

With the Breath the emotional imprints that ordinary daily occurences make are different. Thereby, the reaction to the imprints will equally be different and more in correspondence with the essence of human living.