who we are

Nâm Foundation

Nâm Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit organisation, committed to sharing the pure and open message of LivingNâm.

what we do

The team organises and facilitates supporting activities such as Nâm Retreats and the Pure Nâm Experience.
In addition, the Foundation facilitates visits to The Sage Yoginâm.

Nâm Foundation is the organisational body involved in communication around and making available of, Yoginâm and LivingNâm. This includes HarpMood, books and poetry by The Sage Yoginâm.

We operate out of two locations: the Asharum Nijar in Spain, and the Asharum Amonines in Belgium.

LivingNâm is a particularly beautiful way of living, away from consumerism and the rush of modern society. We carry this way of living actively, inspired by the Sage Yoginâm. The Asharum provide a resting point, a point of tranquillity.

“What is generally hailed as a great improvement; the birth of individualism, gradually turns sour, and the predator economy that it engendered with is senseless exploitation of human and environmental resources is leading to ever greater disasters.

There is only a solution when we are starting to see our individual lives and human living as a whole as an integral and interactive state of being within and expressing this whole, while the fulfillment of this living does not lie in the way we beat others in remorseless competition but in the way we express with our lives this whole.”


The Foundation Supports

Through donations, digital subscriptions and our products we are able to support these activities

Nijar Asharum

At the moment we are faced with a big project of building a complete new Asharum in Níjar (Southern Spain). In a natural daily rhythm, with various Nâm activities related to meditation and the presence of the Sage, one can discover the essence of human living.

Care for the Dying

LivingNâm provides insight and practical instruments to support processing the letting go of loved ones. When LivingNâm is fully embraced, dying becomes an active part of living.

Ecological Project

With the Ecological project in Níjar we are practicing Nâm Thinking actively. ‘We are not of Nature, we are nature’.

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