The Nâm retreat of silence

Allow pure silence to take over

The Nâm retreat of silence

A 5-day Nâm Retreat of Silence offers a daily programme that allows you to break with your daily patterns. Yoginâm’s presence with HarpMood is what makes this retreat truly special.
A Nâm Retreat of Silence has a profound and healthy effect on your inner state and continues to have a long-lasting effect in daily life.

why A Nâm retreat ?

A Nâm Retreat is about the quality of the silent concentration

During the silent days, the daily programme with regular meditations and meals invites an atmosphere in which ‘what is unknowable’ can infuse. In the meditations we use a rattle in a particular rhythm which influences the brain frequency. Using the rattle in a monotonous rhythm is an ancient and simple technique that has proven to be very effective for entering states of meditation. We also use the book ‘Oh Abbah, Songs for Lovers’ as an orientation. As we recite the texts, there is no room for rational analysis which awakens an inner psychological process. 

During the retreat there will be no communication. This means participants do not communicate at all and phones or other digital devices are not being used. In addition, you try to limit any impulse and any expression. These are not strict rules to follow, but rather an invitation to create a situation for yourself which enables you to let silence take over. 



A state of silence is more than simply not communicating. Even though one accepts to be quiet, the mind usually remains active. Besides that, all kinds of unseen habits and emotions can become more clear during a period of silence. In this psychological process, Yoginâm’s presence with HarpMood is helpful and supportive.

The sounds in the HarpMood reflect the inner state of those present. Making use of different moods in tuning the harp, Yoginâm guides the retreat in such a way that hidden barriers are invited to surface and disintegrate in silence. This is why a Nâm Retreat of Silence is often referred to as a challenge.

A Nâm Retreat provides a safe environment for a transformative process.


A Nâm Retreat of Silence with Yoginâm lasts seven days of which five are in silence. The silent days are preceded by an introduction day (start at 16hrs), and concluded with a closure day, until noon.

On the introduction day you will be welcomed by the staff and you can settle in your room. In the evening you will receive instruction and explanation about the programme.
On the closure day there is a final meeting with Yoginâm.

The daily programme of the five silent days is as follows:

08:30 - Breakfast
10:00 - HarpMood Yoginâm
11:30 - Meditation
13:30 - Meditation
14:00 - Communal lunch
15:30 - Meditation
17:00 - HarpMood Yoginâm
18:30 - Walking meditation
20:00 - Communal Souper

Participate in the Nâm Retreat of Silence