What is Nâm

21 Steps for a Nâm Transformation

Booklet by Yoginâm

Yoginâm on the Booklet

‘Because of its nature it is very difficult to say in a few words what Nâm is.  Answers can be confusing because they always represent a very personal viewpoint. This is natural because Nâm as a way of life promotes such an individual approach.

For this purpose I wrote this little text as an introduction and as an answer to the inevitable question of: ‘What is Nâm’. It is a concise introduction and it is good to read it if you want to know what Nâm is. Nâm serves as a constant reminder; it sharpens the ability to observe oneself and to discover the inconsistencies that hamper the purification of Soul, a prerequisite for reaching optimal living.’

The booklet in paper form can be bought for 5 Euro in Níjar and Amonines. A PDF format can be downloaded through the link below.

Download the Booklet

Download here the Booklet for free.

A donation in return would be very much appreciated. You can send your donation to Nâm Society NL46 ABNA 0622451642 stating ‘Donation Yoginâm’