individual nâm experience

Personal retreat

In both our Asharums you can experience your Personal Retreat. During your stay you are invited to join the rhythm of meals and meditations, which take place at regular times. The bell marks the rhythm of the day as in the ancient traditions of communal life.

The general housekeeping is an important activity in the Asharum. We prepare our meals and take care of the hygiene and garden in a togetherness. You are invited to be part of this particular way of living in a state of tranquillity.

Methods of meditation

If you are interested, you could be introduced to the meditation methods we use. For example, in the Asha meditation we use a rattle in a particular rhythm which influences the brain resonance. Such monotonous rhythm is an ancient and simple technique that has proven to be very effective for entering states of meditation.
We use the book ‘Oh Abbah, songs for lovers’ as an orientation, in contemplation and for recitation. Reciting the texts stops you from rational analysing them. This movement will help you to overcome blocking orientations and illusory identifications.

Presence of Yoginâm

In both our Asharums you will have the possibility to experience the presence and communication with Yoginâm through HarpMood. On request Yoginâm is also available for existential life questions.

Free to discover

Our Asharum staff always serves in the transcendental benefit of the visitor and aims at supporting each individual by being quietly and lovingly present. The staff neither suggests nor opposes anything. Each individual is conditioned differently and should find his or her own way in the situations that appear naturally in the daily life of the Asharum.

The books and texts from Yoginâm, the HarpMood, the Asha Meditation, our daily activities and the environment of the Asharum; all breath from the same all-embracing source. You are free to explore.



An Oasis in the middle of beautiful Andalusia, in Spain.



A beautiful Asharum immersed in the Belgian Ardennes.


Personal Silence retreat with HarpMood

If you would like to immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the Asharum, supported by the silent communication with Yoginâm, we offer a concentrated two-day programme on location. The programme includes four HarpMoods and all regular communal meditations, lodging and meals.

For availability and price, please send a message to