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To experience more of what LivingNâm can do in your daily life, we offer NâmInside with weekly refreshed content on LivingNâm provided by Yoginâm.

Every week, you can read a new text and listen to a talk. These texts and talks can give you direction for how to find more meaning in your life. They are more of a mystical nature then of an instructive nature; if you are open to the texts and talks and read and listen without interfering or judging, then you might discover that they will set a course towards beautiful discoveries in your daily life.

On Sundays there is a live broadcast meditation by Yoginâm in the form of a HarpMood. 
HarpMood is a meditation of 20 to 40 minutes and consists of a period of silence and a period of guided meditation through sounds, where Yoginâm communicates with the use of a harp. The HarpMood communication bypasses mind and feeling. Only the effect can be noticed, and it always carries supporting consequences for your state.

“In Love there are no boundaries
Nor limitations”

- Yoginâm

NâmTV Content

HarpMood and Talks by Yoginâm


Experience the direct communication of HarpMood by means of Sound. Every Week new HarpMoods.

Yoginâm Talks

Discover talks by Yoginâm on a variety of topics

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