Nâm Retreat of Silence Online – January 2022


Location: Online Retreat from home.
Follow the full retreat programme through Zoom, live from Níjar.

Introduction: 3 January at 17.00
Days of silence: 4 January – 8 January
Conclusion: 9 January at 12.00

A 5-day Nâm Retreat of Silence offers a daily programme that allows you to break with your daily patterns. Yoginâm’s presence with HarpMood is what makes this retreat truly special.
A Nâm Retreat of Silence has a profound and healthy effect on your inner state and continues to have a long-lasting effect in daily life.

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The Nâm Retreat of Silence follows a daily pattern of 5 meditations, each lasting for about
half an hour. The way of meditation is supportive in silence and helps with inner
transformation. Below, you will find the complete programme. Between brackets we suggest
lunch- and dinnertime, as it fits best into the daily structure.


Monday 3 January
17.00 Introduction

Tuesday 4 – Saturday 8 January
10.00 HarpMood Yoginâm
11.30 First Attunement
13.30 Communal Third Attunement
14.00 Lunch (suggestion)
15.30 Communal Fourth Attunement
17.30 HarpMood Yoginâm
20.00 Dinner (suggestion)

Sunday 9 January
12.00 Conclusion



During the Nâm Retreat of Silence, we recommend you to abstain from communication as
much as possible. A Nâm Retreat of Silence is not about how long you can sit in meditation
but about the quality of the silent concentration. This is a psychological process. In order to
support the process, we use the rattle and the specific song book ‘Oh Abbah – Songs for
Lovers’. These instruments help you to reach deeper levels of silence. Yoginâm’s daily
presence with HarpMood is a valuable attribute that supports your personal retreat


Necessary instruments

During the Asha meditations we use a rattle and a particular rhythm that influences the
brain resonance. Such monotonous rhythm is an ancient and simple technique that has
proven to be very effective for entering states of meditation. Be sure you have a rattle
before you start the Nâm retreat.

In the Nâm retreat we use the book ‘Oh Abbah – Songs for Lovers’ as an orientation. The
way we use the songs in recitation, that does not allow rational analysis, will help you to
overcome blocking orientations and identifications. If you haven’t got the book yet, they are
available through us.

In order to follow the programme of the Nâm retreat of Silence, you will receive a zoom link
one week before the start of the Nâm Retreat. This link enables you to follow all live
meditations, the same as if you would be physically present.
You can use zoom in your browser, but for the best experience, we recommend you to
install the zoom application on your device before the retreat starts.



For benefiting optimally from the retreat, here are some suggestions:

1. Be free of any obligations and schedules.
2. It is helpful to prepare your house so that you will be least disturbed by
activities like buying grocery or cleaning. Make sure you don’t have to go
out for buying other necessities.
3. Have a private space at your disposal for the length of the Nâm Retreat.
4. Prepare a specific quiet room or corner where you create a set-up for the
5. Establish the best internet connection possible.
6. It is best to use an external audio system (left – right) or headphones.
7. During meditations take a sitting position that is comfortable for you.
8. Make sure that you have the rattle and the book available before the
start of the retreat.
9. For the length of the retreat, try to switch off phones and other devices
that may be disturbing.
10. For an optimal retreat do not get involved in any kind of external activities that do
not relate to the retreat. Even if at times it is difficult, observe your urges, but do not
give in. Concentrate on the meditations, read texts of Yoginâm and if you have been
introduced to them, concentrate on using the Nâm instruments, like the Breath or
the Jewel.
11. The retreat booklet, that will be sent to you together with the zoom link a week prior
to the start of the retreat, gives more information about the instruments of Nâm.
12. Diet recommendation during the retreat: keep a regular, simple and light pattern,
based on vegetables and carbohydrates.



You can always contact us before or after the Nâm Retreat. During the retreat only contact
us if there is a technical problem that prevents you from following the meditation.
Sometimes participants may go through difficult periods, but it is better to allow the
alchemy of the retreat to take care of it and not discussing it.


First Zoom meeting

The first zoom meeting of the Nâm Retreat of Silence is on Monday 3 January at 17.00
where we will give an introduction to all participants.
We wish you a beautiful retreat.