Nâm Retreat of Silence Níjar – May 2023


Availability is limited up to 8 participants.

Location: Asharum Níjar (Spain)

Day of arrival: Monday 1 May
Days of silence: 2 – 6 May
Day of departure: Sunday 7 May

A 5-day Nâm Retreat of Silence provided by Yoginâm and the monks invites a deep inner silence. You can literally let go of everything; you are being accommodated in a single room and food is being served three times a day. You are being supported by the quality of silence during the daily meditation rhythm of Yoginâm and the monks. Yoginâm’s presence with HarpMood is what makes this retreat truly special.

A Nâm Retreat of Silence has a profound and healthy effect on one’s inner state and continues to have a long-lasting effect in daily life.

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The Nâm Retreat of Silence is a concentrated retreat, following a daily pattern of meditations
each lasting for about half an hour. During meditation simple techniques are being used to calm
down the brain activity and invite a state of inner silence.


The daily pattern of meditations:

08.30 Breakfast
10.00 HarpMood Yoginâm
11.30 Meditation
13.30 Meditation
14.00 Communal lunch
15.30 Meditation
17.30 HarpMood Yoginâm
18.30 Walking meditation
20.00 Communal Supper


Due to safety measures, availability is limited up to 5 participants.

You are requested to arrive at the Asharum on Monday 1 May in the afternoon, by 15:00 at the latest. If this is your first Nâm Retreat, we recommend you to arrive at location before noon or a day earlier. This will ensure that you enter the retreat in good condition. In the evening of the arrival day there will be an introduction to the programme and the format of the retreat. From Tuesday 2 May through Saturday 6 May (i.e., 5 days)you will follow the programme of the Nâm Retreat of Silence. After the final meditation on the fifth day, we conclude the programme and the next day, Sunday 7 May, will be the day of departure.

All (vegetarian) meals are included.

Next to the Retreat days, it is possible to stay longer in the Asharum (€45 per day).
Please check the availability by sending a request to contact@livingnam.org.