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The Magic of a Silent Retreat

In many ways, our life is constantly engaged in something or in some activity that steals all our attention.
There is nothing wrong with that, but when a glimpse of inner silence appears in experience, everything takes on a new light.

There is something that, regardless of what we do or think, happen to shine in the depth of our being, and colours everything we see and touch in a way that makes us feel fulfilled in the present moment, and happy to have lived that particular instant, in a special way, writing in memory few moments that will remain forever.
It is no coincidence that the Sage Yoginâm considers Soul as memory.

Surely many of us had the opportunity to experience this silence for a few moments, but we know that it is fleeting, it disappears with the same speed with which it unexpectedly arrives.

The great news is that we can always learn to stay in that silence; always, it doesn’t matter your age, because silence is not determined by a biological brain function.

Silence does not arise from a constricting routine practice, but from merging with the space that surrounds us.
How wonderful to feel (fully) empty? Do you know what I mean?

The Nâm Retreats of Silence exist just for this; for this service: to give people the opportunity to experience a crescendo in this blissful void.

It is true, especially the first days are difficult, but this is precisely the proof that the alchemy is having its effect.
Being aware that it is a process, which purges us from many layers of inner ‘dust’, it leads us to speed up and increase the subsequent freedom we are going to experience soon.

For this reason, the effect of a Retreat of Silence lasts a long time, which is why we invite our people to carry out at least one retreat per year; not for marketing or revenues, but to offer this possibility of harmonization for our resonance and Attunement with the principle that regulates, beautifully and silently, the whole Cosmos, of which we are small but precious copies.

One of the catalysts of the retreat of silence is precisely the unfolding of the experience in a different, unusual place.
This element opens our perception in a new and unexpected way.

Joyful silence to All-and-Everyone.


Nâm Foundation

Nâm Foundation

Nâm Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit organisation, committed to sharing the pure and open message of LivingNâm.

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