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The state of the Sage as a bridge to the state of Awareness

It is impossible to attune yourself consciously to the state of The Sage. You cannot attune yourself by thinking of the Sage, or by trying to feel something. It is not about praising somebody or something. The Sage comes into your life like the colour of your eye. Trying to attune to the colour of your eye is a waste of time

The appearance of the Sage is like the colour of your eye, a happening in your life beyond your control. It is the same like being born. Did you ever try to attune yourself to your birth? Indeed, that is ridiculous.

The Sage allows you to use his appearance and state. For orientation in the state of Awareness. But how can you do that beyond consciousness?

One can receive The Breath from Yoginâm. The Breath allows you to remember, like the mirror reminds you of the colour of your eye. The Breath is the bridge to the unconscious state of Awareness in which you and the Sage both share. It is beneficial to celebrate this relationship by focussing exclusively on the Breath. You give all attention to the Breath in order to celebrate this relationship, which came into your life as a guide to infinite Wellbeing. All other thoughts, feelings or considerations always belong to the you of Experience.

Good Luck!


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